Intensive Care Beds for The Churchill

Intensive Care Beds for The Churchill



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In order to provide support to patients and carers OOSO works very closely with the clinical team. We have seen how meticulously they prepare patients for each operation. This preparation is clinical, mental and physical.

An oesophagectomy is a very invasive procedure. This means that after the operation the patient enters the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) until they are well enough to go to the Upper GI Ward.

The ICU has a limited number of beds and, unfortunately, there are times when an emergency (e.g. a road traffic accident) takes the bed that had been assigned to a scheduled operation. When this happens on the day of the planned operation it is devastating - not just for the patient and their family but also for the clinical team.

To ease the frequency of postponed operations Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (The Trust) has begun an exercise to make space for additional ICU beds. This is a significant project and may well require alterations to the Churchill hospital building. Once this space is available, four additional beds will be required.

The beds are specialised items of equipment. They can cost up to £12,000.

OOSO has promised The Trust that we will provide at least one of the new beds.

Now is your chance to ensure that more patients get their operations according to their personal plan. No delays; no traumas; no break in the routine.

Every little helps so please don't feel that the challenge is too large. By the inch it's a cinch.

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Thank you.