Support for The Churchill Upper GI Ward

Support for The Churchill Upper GI Ward



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We know the dedication of the clinical team at the Churchill Hospital. It is an important ingredient that keeps them at the forefront of the treatment of oesophageal and stomach cancers.

OOSO "does its bit" providing advice and guidance to patients both pre and post-surgery.

But there are still gaps to fill in order to provide a fully rounded approach to treating patients. For example, in the past OOSO has supplied the following items (amongst others) because the NHS funds just don't go that far.

  • Electric fans to ease oppressive heat in the summer months
  • A refrigerator and microwave to help patients with special meals when the standard hospital food fails to hit the spot
  • An electric, ergonomic chair and an exercise bicycle to assist patients with movement and flexibility as they transition from a hospital bed to walking at home.

The benefit of these OOSO investments has been observed and appreciated by both the patients and the clinical team.

Because of the close relationship that OOSO has with the clinical team we have been asked if we could help fund some specific items. The list is below.

  • Two ward monitors
    These mobile units are used by nurses on the Upper GI ward to monitor a patient's vital signs following major surgery. A lack of monitors means patients have less frequent checks. Two additional monitors will ensure patients get excellent care. Cost circa £5,000
  • One specialist chair
    Ergonomic chairs for the Chemotherapy Suite. Each chair costs circa £1,500
  • A hi-tech bicycle
    These bicycles assess the fitness levels of patients to fine tune their treatment plans. Each bicycle costs circa £22,000, our one third contribution will be £7,000
  • Four short information films covering a variety of topics and available online
    The intention is to have short films showing clinical staff and patients sharing experiences and information. To produce these films costs circa £5,000
  • Surgical camera equipment
    This is a "live feed" video camera with sensors. It helps surgeons to target cancer cells. The camera costs circa £30,000
  • Forty robotic keyhole operations
    Robotics is a new technique that is less invasive and enables patients to recover more quickly. New techniques require a proof of concept before they are adopted by the NHS. In this case the proof of concept is forty operations. The expected timescale is 2020. Our sponsorship of these operations will include paying for one-off ancilliary items and totals £400 per operation. circa £16,000

As you can see your contributions will go to very worthy causes.

Every little helps so please don't feel that the challenge is too large. By the inch it's a cinch.

Even if it's not right for you to contribute, you can still help us by telling your friends about this page. If you'd like to email the link it's

Thank you.